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Bristein is a consulting, advisory and project execution company, specialist in the Rubber Technology and in the use of Sustainable Supplies and High-Performance Materials.

Our differential is the management with a focus on the rubber industry, its suppliers of raw materials and its consumers, adding solid knowledge, practical experiences and solutions in Product and Process Development, Industrial Operations Management, Innovation Management, Technical and Commercial Support; transferring the know-how to the client's team. 

About us

Industrial Chemist
Operations Executive
Innovation Management
Rubber Technology Specialist
Indústria da Borracha, Tecnologia da Borracha, Pneus, Industria del Caucho, Tecnologiadel Caucho, Neumático, Rubber Technology, Rubber Industry, Tyre
Indústria da borracha, rubber industry, industria del caucho

Henrique de Oliveira Brito

Solid experience in the leadership of Industrial Operations, working as Director of Business Unit and COO, involving the areas of Strategy, Manufacturing, R&D, Technology, Innovation, Quality and Environment.

Sustainable and High Performance raw material developer, with experience in graphene, rice husk ash silica, modified vegetable oils and resins, recovered carbon black (rCB), products derivated from ELT (End-of-Life Tires) and others. 

Management of multidisciplinary teams and project, as well as national and international customers and suppliers.
Planning, start-up, and ramp-up of manufacturing units with significant technological increment.

Project management such as strategic planning, innovation planning, social and environmental accountability planning, and rubber compound to the external market.


Former President of ABTB-Brazilian Association of Rubber Technology 2014-2016, Vice-President of ABTB 2012-2013 and Director of the South Regional of ABTB 2000-2011.

International experience: participation in fairs exhibitions, technical and business meetings at Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Spain, USA, Italy, Eastern Europe, Holland, Portugal, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Uruguay.

Post-MBA in Innovation Management | Unisinos (Universidade Vale do Rio dos Sinos) | Porto Alegre
MBA in Business Management | FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) | RS/RJ
Specialization in Quality Engineering "Lato Sensu" PUCRS | Porto Alegre
University Extension Programm in Elastomer Technology | UFRGS | Porto Alegre
Graduated inn Industrial Chemistry | UFRGS | Porto Alegre

Bristein Consultoria & Projetos


Bristein is a consulting, advisory and project execution company, specialist in the Rubber Technology and in the use of Sustainable Supplies and High-Performance Materials.
It is based on professionals with  specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the management of industrial operations, innovation management, technical and commercial support.


About us

05ENGMECANICA (328).jpg
Industrial Chemist

Master in Materials Engineering
Elastomeric Nanocomposites

Doctoral Student in Materials Engineering
Materials from Renewable Sources

Matéria-prima, Materia-prima, Raw material
Inovação, innovación, innovation
Indústria da borracha, rubber industry, industria del caucho

Karin Janete Stein Brito

Solid experience of more than 30 years in innovation, research and development of elastomeric products, acquired  at the Institute of Innovation in Polymer Engineering and rubber industries for the automotive, electronics, footwear and recycling segments.

-Development and management of projects, including EMBRAPII and others Innovation Projects;

-Technological/technical consultancy for the elastomer processing industries;

-Research and development of formulations and elastomeric products based on NR, SBR, BR, EPDM, NBR, Fluorelastomers, Silicone, Polychloroprene, among others;

-Development and delivery of courses and training in the area of elastomer technology;

-Research and development of reference materials for the elastomer sector;

-Research and development of processes and products from elastomeric recycling;

- Coordination of the testing laboratory  accredited at INMETRO and Rede Metrológica;

-Management of the team responsible for the proficiency testing program by interlaboratory comparison and accreditation;

-Member of the ABNT/CE Commission 1772.002.03

International experience: participation in fairs, visits, technical and business meetings in Germany, Argentina and England.
Academic education:

- PhD student in Engineering, area of  concentration Science and Technology of Materials, with emphasis on Polymers (UFRGS/Forecast conclusion 2022)

- Master's in Engineering, area of concentration Science and Technology of Materials, with emphasis on Polymers (UFRGS/2009)

- Degree in Industrial Chemistry (UFRGS/1987)


Innovation Management

Operations and Projects Management

Technical and  Commercial Support 

Quality and Environment

Product and Process Development



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rCB-Black of Recovered Smoke




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