Operations and Project Management


Strategy Management

Understanding Strategy and Operation

In this process, our goal is to understand and evaluate, along with the high management of the client, the vision, mission, and values of the company, the critical factors of business success, the current and future demands of the market, the conditions of the internal and external environment.
Strategy Deployment

In this process, our goal is to deploy the company's strategy in clear objectives, goals and KPIs for the organization.

Process Management

Routine Management

The goals and indicators deployed from the company's strategy, need to be constantly monitored and managed, aiming at its achievement. The purpose of this process is to assist the company in managing the day-to-day, establishing work routines, control items and management model.​

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement

We assist the customer in the structuring, maintenance and evolution of the quality management and continuous improvement system.

On-demand Projects


We advise the client in the planning, execution and management of special projects.
We develop the project with the active participation of the managers of the company, responsible for the impacted processes and their interfaces. However, Bristein's proactive performance allows the main focus of these managers to remain the operational processes under their responsibility.
This type of approach enables the realization of projects without significantly affecting the operation of the company.
The main benefit is the increase in the implementation rate of projects within the deadline, without the loss of focus on the operation.